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Sirius Ventures (Sirius) is one of the leading innovators in the E-commerce space, utilizing data science to start and scale online businesses both on and off Amazon.


Who Are We

Sirius Ventures (Sirius) is one of the leading innovators in the E-commerce space, utilizing data science to start and scale online businesses both on and off Amazon. Over 90% of ecommerce businesses fails, mostly due to the sheer amount of subjectivity in choosing a product.

Just because we like it, does not mean others will. At Sirius, we cut out the fluff, allowing data and algorithms to maximize the statistics of, not only profitable product selections, but the entire process including branding and launching. 


Harnessing the power of Big Data!

This resource is still widely underestimated and underutilized. We are constantly going through ‘Datafication’, shaping millions of unstructured data points into useful information, directly applying them to customer preferences, supply and demand and market trends.


Searches are made on Google every day!



of all online sales are made on Amazon,



information created by every human every second



Data is being analyzed!


Sirius Algorithm

Through thousands of simulations, our R&D developed a Proprietary Algorithm, tailored to our strategy in the E-commerce space. Our algorithm calculates multiple key variables, pulls in data and consolidates them into a success score.

Product's Supply & Demand
Branding Potential
Launch Capability
Sirius Algorithm
Success Score

As of 2020, the pioneering Sirius Algorithm has an 87% success rate. On a mission to increase the success rate to as close to 100% as possible, we are constantly refining and improving our algorithm.


Success Rate

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​The Sirius Advantage

Invest With Us

Big Data & Predictive Analytics

Leverages artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to forecast which products will fly off its virtual shelves.

Cash Flow Recycling?

Speed to market. Harnessing big data for supply chain efficiency to have right products, in the right volumes and at the right time.

Digital Shelf Optimization

Digital Shelf OptimizationMaximize various customer digital touchpoints by monitoring real-time user profiles and online footprint

Micro-targeting Through Micro-brand & Community

ability to develop one-to-one relationships & personalize content to target customers and generate immediate feedback loop for product development

How We Do It

30 Days – Production & Branding

We customize 99% of our products to gain an edge in the market. Branding strategy and competitive market research begins.

15 Days – Launching 

We use the results from our Algorithm to generate a Framework and launch accordingly, creating the exposure required to generate recurring revenue for the product.

7 Days – Sourcing

We run our algorithm and select a handful of products to go for. We reach out to suppliers over all platforms, including our local sourcers based in Asia. 

20 Days – Shipping

​We contact our local forwarders on the ground in Asia, avoiding middleman fees. We send a portion of the shipment by air if needed, to capture market share before competitors.



Our process does not need to be done singularly and can be done simultaneously. With proceeds continually reinvested into new products, inventory and R&D, this results in exponential growth in scale. At Sirius, we do not aim to be just another online seller, but to leverage today’s technology to become the fastest growing vertically integrated Tech-E-commerce corporation.


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